About Us

We are a company that deals with various activities.
Yes, it looks like a mix, but during our business we have profiled ourselves in different ways.

We are not traffickers.
All our products are ordered by us from factories with which we cooperate for a longer or long period of time. The products we offer have all the necessary certificates, because anything can be imported from China via third countries. We have CE certificates for their proper and safe use within the EU.
Our products are designed for you directly, without intermediaries. That is why we have the price as we have. Simply excellent and moreover guaranteed.

On the market since 1992 and in the form of a trading company s.r.o. since 2006. We have been trading successfully with China since 1999. Seriousness moves us forward. We have excellent suppliers and therefore we like to be proud of our quality.

What exactly is emadeforyou.com?

This website serves as a payment portal for MAR´CO, s.r.o. and v works in collaboration with books from SPORT legal, s.r.o.
- fcbarcelonabooks.com
- fcbarcelonalibros.es
- sportlegal.com
- sportovelegendy.sk
- marco-medical.com
- tavnamiska.sk
- marco.sk

Why like this?
On each of our sites, we would have to pay the bank a fee for the payment gateway (card payment).
This makes it easier and everything is in one place.